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Whoa, a lot of time had passed since I wrote my last post here :)

Just wanted to tell ya’all that I am building muscles now (Yes, this is where I have come) and I feel amazing!
I am using this muscle-building program to build muscles and it is really giving me great results!
You should check it out ;)

I think that it is really amazing what can be achieved these days with online courses and computer programs. They make things easier and more reliable.
The program that I am using for building muscles was writen by Kyle Leon, a person I trust and will take his advice any time :)

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Little update


Oh, guys and girls a lot of time had passed since I wrote my last post here ;)
I would just like to inform you that everything is fine with me, enjoying the life ;)

My life


So, what is happening in my life lately?

Well, I mostly exercise a lot. Since I started losing weight, I completely changed my lifestyle. It is impressive how I lost approx. 75 lbs with the help from this program and changed my life to a better one.
Now it is always happening something in my life. I am full of energy and full of plans to do. I am exercising almost every day. Yes, this is the habit I got used to in my approx. 4 months long weight loss journey that helped me get a better life and great friends.
And I improved my physical condition and health with this healthy way of living ;)

The two week detox

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Okay, so in this post I will explain a bit more about the successful weight loss mentioned in the previous post.

But first, let me tell you how is with my weight.
As you already know, I started with 230 lbs (104 kg) with BMI index of 36 (obese class 2). But with a successful weight loss program, I lost a lot of weight. Now my weight is steady at 154 lbs (70 kg), and my BMI index is now 23.9.
I am really satisfied with this weight, because I also got a lot of muscles and girls are now crazy about me ;)

Now let’s get back to the weight loss program.
As we already found out, in order to lose weight, you must go on a proper diet and then apply a special set of aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

But what kind of diet?

Well, in the program I was following, there is a so-called 2 week detox diet.
This diet is a real starting point to your whole weight loss journey.
It consists of 2 weeks when you eat only organic fruits and vegetables.
This will prepare your body to the future weight loss. Most people don’t realize that, but it is one of the most important factors when losing weight.
You can think of it as a preparation for the whole weight loss program because after that, you will really start losing weight.

You now know what most people don’t.
Find out about the whole weight loss program here.

Popular and the successful weight loss


Let me first tell you that I am talking here about two different principles of weight loss. One is the popular one and the other is the successful weight loss principle.
Now you are probably asking yourself how to know which one is the one you should aim for. Simple. The second one.

Here is how the typical person who wants to lose weight approaches the weight loss journey (If we can even call it like this).
First, one finds out that he must lose weight. Probably a lot of weight. Then, he focuses on this goal. And what is the easiest and simplest way to achieve this?
Well, you can find a lot of so-called weight loss pills or one can even decide for an operation in order to lose weight. Yeah, I don’t like this. Even if the one loses weight with this principle, he will probably gain it even more in a few years. And I don’t believe in pills or surgeries.

So what is probably the best way of losing weight? Simple. You have to go on a real diet designed for your body that won’t make you any harm. And you must also begin with exercise. But not with any exercise. There is a special set of aerob and anaerobic training that works best with the determination to lose weight.
Why is this the principle I like? Because it is natural. It makes you live the way you are supposed to. It makes yourself healthier and happier.

This is how you win…big.

I will explain more in my next post.

The reason why 99% of you fail


I know a lot of people that are inspired by my weight loss. And the one thing they all desperately want in their lives is to lose weight.
However, they are still overweight. The mission was to lose weight and they failed at it.


Because they never actually did anything to lose weight. They never started a weight loss program. They never made and probably won’t ever make anything to solve their problem.
And this is what you should do.
Start losing weight if you want to lose weight!

Try to be that 1% that never gives up.
Take action now!

Positive results


All right now. I don’t know if it is just me or is this happening to everybody.

But since I lost weight, I noticed a few things that changed for me.

  • My memory improved. I feel like I boosted my brainpower,
  • as a result, I am learning faster,
  • I have better reflexes,
  • I am have more energy,
  • I have more balanced digestion now

When I need to memorize something, this doesn’t represent any problem to me anymore. Tell me what to remember and I will never forget it. Impressive. Now imagine how much easier is it for me to study for my exams :P

I notice my better reflexes a few times per week, when the event of happening requires immediate action. My hand just reaches out and catches a glass or something that was about to fall on the floor and break.

Now when I come home after a hard day, I don’t just lie down on te couch and watch TV.  Instead, I go out jogging like nothing was happening all day long :)

And yes, my digestion is better than it was. I won’t describe this.

Your muscular Kyle

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